St. Luke Summer Worship Information

Wednesday @ 7:00 PM
Casual Worship
Sunday @ 8:30 AM
Outdoor Worship (Weather permitting)
Sunday @ 10:00 AM
 Blended Worship

Casual Organ/Piano lead worship surrounding scripture and the message with today's world. Communion is offered on the 2nd, 4th, and 5th Sundays.


This service lasts about about 45 minutes

Starting July 7th, worship is conducted outside on the Church grounds. The last outdoor service is scheduled for September 1st. Parishioners are encouraged to bring their own lawn chairs although chairs are available if you should forget to bring one.

This service lasts about 35 minutes

Blended Worship

Organ/ piano lead worship surrounding scripture and a message with classic hymns. Blended Worship takes place on the 2nd, 4th, and 5th Sunday of the month and communion is offered at this service.

This service lasts about an hour

The Sacrament of Holy Communion

We believe that Christ’s body and blood are given to us in, with, and under the bread and the wine. This mystery builds up our faith through the forgiveness He offers in this meal, thus strengthening our fellowship with him and all believers. 


If you believe this, you are welcome at the table of the Lord. 


For those who have an intolerance to wine, several of the individual Communion glasses in each of the trays are filled with white juice.  They are in the center of the tray and are recognizable by the difference in the color of their content.

It is our practice at St. Luke  to instruct our youth prior to them taking the Lord’s Supper. That instruction is done through our confirmation program that begins in grade six. Youth are confirmed in the faith at the end of seventh grade and can then take communion. To avoid confusion, we ask that guests and visitors with younger children respect this practice or speak to the Pastor if there are further questions.

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